Lined Quirky Bag of Trash

Waste Management

  • Residential

64 or 96 gallon container

bagged trash only

Weekly & Monthly




64 Gallon

96 Gallon


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Pay Monthly, Quarterly or Annually

Junk Haul

To The Greater Kalamazoo Area

  • Residential

1/4 Load

1/2 Load

3/4 Load

1 Load





2 Loads

3 Loads

4 Loads





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  • For Commercial Jobs

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West Michigan Expert Logistics, LLC

Kzoo ECO Haul, LLC

Clean Vector Transport Elements Dump Truck

Monday - Saturday

7:30am - 5:30pm


White Concrete Building Near Green Trees

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West Michigan Expert Logistics, LLC

White Concrete Building Near Green Trees


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Quotation Mark

What materials do we accept to pick up for junk haul?

Answer: Anything that fits!

Note: Items we can't pick up for junk haul are chemical/hazardous items or propane tanks.

How do I contact customer service?



Calling typically gives a quicker response.

What sets us apart from our competition?


We are a small family owned business. Proud of our roots and helping others thrive. Along with that, we understand the impact certain materials have in landfills. We do our best to Recycle, Donate and Repurpose EVERYTHING we haul away!